• What is Zumba and why is it so imoprtant?

    The Latin dances are built around built-in steps of the feet, combining gentle movement of hands. You will invest most of the energy in studying the legwork, so you will need to know how to organize the body in such a way that, while moving the weight from leg to leg, it will therefore have the utmost control, most hands will perform opposite or symmetrical movement to the legs. In the Zumba class you will learn a number of dances that do not exceed 5 minutes per dance. Each Zumba dance is based on a song composed of house and chorus. The Zumba dance and its movements "dress" over the song so that each chorus will usually accompany the same movements, and each house will also be characterized by similar movements. What is actually created is that it does not have a repetitive movement pattern throughout the song, so that the mind also remembers the steps once a chorus or house of one or the other Latin song appears.


    At the end of the Zumba Day is a cardio lesson so it is important to incorporate as many parts of the body as they will work and take part in the lesson. Since the legs work in any case, it is important to include arm work as an integral part of the lesson, to find a way within the dance structure to incorporate movement into the shoulder belt that will be an equally dominant element of the zombie dance. To do this, the instructor must be well acquainted with the body's kinesiology and the structure of movement and energy investment in the body. Since there is a fair amount of dance in the Zumba class, the instructor must find a way to incorporate as many parts of the body as possible throughout the lesson.


    An experienced instructor or instructor, on the one hand, knew how to engage students with challenging and fun dances and, on the other, to ensure that aerobic work was maintained, to do enough repetition of the movement to allow students to absorb the required exercise or movement. In an aerobic class, the same exercise is usually repeated for a period of time and in the Zumba class the period for repetition is shortened. A quality guide knew how to combine the two and actually get the students to exercise their physical ability on the one hand and enjoy the dance on the other.


    Certainly teaching a Zumba class is an extraordinary challenge, quite a few teachers fail and fall into the Zumba trap where I get out of class with nothing and nothing, I saw how the teacher moved impressively but I couldn't do anything and in trying to learn I didn't activate the muscles I needed to exercise. The right Zumba lesson is supposed to meet both the purpose of the cardio lesson and calorie burning as well as the Latin dance and its inherent experience.


    One of the most important questions for Zumba lovers is what shoes would better suit for this type of workout, and also last the longest time. It is important to choose trusted brands which proved themselves in various times and conditions.

    Nike is a brand that many people trust when thinking of buying sports shoes. So, is there anything for Zumba from Nike? Nike doesn’t have extensive collection of dance shoes, however we managed to find 5 best Nike Zumba shoes which would suit perfectly for this dance class.

    Ryka Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe  were created with a dancer in mind. This is one of the few of the best dance shoes that has 5 stars on amazon with more than 200 reviews. The shoe comes in 4 color combinations – black, grey and white, which would suit any attire. It is made of synthetic leather and mesh upper. The black and grey models have suede feeling. The one of the most important parts of the shoe is its outsole, which allows spinning, but not allows marks on the floor, thus making it an ideal shoe for Zumba. In general it provides great support and is highly flexible – perfect Nike Zumba shoes for any dance activity.

    Nike Musique IV is an updated version of the previous shoes, another 5 star-ranked shoe with more than 500 reviews on Zappos. The shoe is made of a combination of synthetic leather and mesh and allows super-cushioning due to mesh lining, special footbed, and phylon midsole. The outsole is non-marking and the weight of the shoe is only 9 oz. These Nike Zumba shoes are perfect choice for a fashion-forward dancer.

    Nike Shox Turbo XII+ SL – these are great because of the excellent cushioning and shock absorption. If you have arch problems or your feet ache after extensive jumping, these Nike Zumba shoes would be perfect for you. Nike Shox also come in a variety of color combinations including yellow and red – perfect for Zumba. The upper of the shoe is made of leather and Nike Shox columns in the heel insure great cushioning.

    Nike Lunarglide+ 3 shoes are the most colorful combination from Nike. In these shoes you would glide on the floor like in the space. The secret of a Lunarlon is in its midsole, which is comprised of different types of foam, providing a plush, responsive cushioning and great support. The rubber of a sole is environmentally friendly and will last you for a long time due to a carbon rubber placed in the heel. A great choice for both environmentally and fashion conscious dancers.

    Nike Lunar Allways+ TR – are the lightest among all described and weight only 8 oz. The shoe has a ventilated upper which provides excellent breathability and great cushioning for and exceptional comfort. Don’t think twice – these would be perfect for any dance activity.

    This list is definitely not extensive, but we hope that it will give you an idea of what Nike Zumba shoes are best in the market and what you have to pay attention to while choosing Zumba shoes.